People and Productivity

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Our coaching is, in part, directive. We don’t waste any client business hours covering questions to help to find a near-obvious answer.

Instead, time is spent exploring the real issues that affect work performance and that prevent people from getting noticed and promoted.

We’re not scared of the hard complex subjects – usually it’s not the business but the people, softer side of things that are the most difficult! Your solutions to them can be outstanding and rewardingly fast.

Coaching is neither a soft option nor lip service. You do have to pay attention and take action. We won’t waste anyone’s time or money if it’s not working, likewise if someone’s not engaged in the process. We’ll happily suggest a review and alternative course of action.

Listening, aiding learning and instigating action

Look up examples of our coaching:

  • Whole company development
  • Coaching to overcome fear of public speaking
  • Coaching for sales performance
  • Coaching for management development

"Not just great advice at a time when I was keen to make a dramatic career change but lacking any sense of how to make it happen,but also helped me to develop the self-awareness and confidence to assess and challenge myself long after we had worked together. Passion and enthusiasm shines through and provides real inspiration."

Joanne Greenway, Teacher of English as a Second Language and writer

"I needed help with a very specific issue for a member of staff. Our annual conference was imminent and a consultant who was due to speak at the conference had a real fear of public speaking. With a speedy diagnosis and resolution of the issue, the consultant was able to speak confidently at the conference. Moreover, he now cannot understand why he had the problem in the first place! Very powerful and highly recommended, full of enthusiasm and always offering a helping hand and a word of advice."

Lyn Bromley, Inca Software

"A godsend to me and my business. I was originally totally lost about my career choice and was helped to think ‘outside of the box’ and develop the strength and confidence to set up my own business. Seven years later and I still have coaching when I come to cross-roads or major decisions regarding my business and need an intelligent and thoughtful point of view. It's not being led, just guided and helped to look at various options and points of view. I would thoroughly and highly recommend to existing and also start-up businesses of all types and sizes."

Rachel Lousky, Event Manager, Celebrationz