People and Productivity

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A shift in structuring, staff or systems isn’t simple; nor is finding all skills in-house. So we help you to determine the best way forward and we state it simply, no jargon.

Clients only employ us once for one particular business purpose…because what’s received is clear, concise and communicated in such a way to keep using the learning in-house.

We don’t have a preconceived notion of what you need and we stick to the remit.

There’s a choice of how we report to you – written and spoken, on paper, face-to-face, or in-company presentation briefings.

When you need a firm frankness, a diplomatic demeanour or an optimistic outlook, we offer it.

We simplify what seems complicated

Take a look at examples of our consultancy:

  • Whole company development
  • Departmental/resourcing review
  • Focus groups

"..capable of analysing your organisation to help you to deliver the best from your staff. ..applies the latest management theory and techniques but without the jargon, developing effective solutions whether your objective is self-development, improving team dynamics or enhancing leadership skills…..If you want to improve your business performance... Ideal!"

Carol Bell, Project Manager, Robinson Low Francis

"Wildfire has run courses and programmes for Delphi since 2006 covering a variety of subject areas. Most recently, programmes for our "Excellence Week" were short/punchy sessions to engage staff and provide tips to assist them on a daily basis in both the work environment and personal life.

The content was to the brief, tailored to delegates expectations, and feedback from the sessions has been extremely positive. Enthusiastic and creative consultant, and I have no hesitation in recommending."

Sara Bennett, HR Manager, Delphi

"Whether facilitating away days, coaching or training, engages our teams with an understanding of our organisation and our peoples’ many roles. Expertise in people skills, organisational effectiveness and managing change are coupled with persistent enthusiasm. We repeatedly use Wildfire services because people ask for more due to the skill in communicating key messages in an interactive way.  This style energises people, making a real connection with the people and the business. Highly recommended to anyone serious about developing people to make a difference to their business - excellent facilitation skills."

Gladys Mhone, Head of Human Resources, Barnet Homes