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Facilitation isn’t flipping over a flipchart expecting ideas to flow, it’s …. stimulating, fresh, comfortable, colourful, creative, using walls, using floors..

Facilitating isn’t a job for the faint hearted. It might be a sensitive, emotional, challenging circumstance that calls for facilitated session. Or it might be the anticipated delicate dynamics that call for concern for clients. Hopefully it’s just to provide space to engineer ideas.

No matter what happens, we stay in charge of the room so that you can think, take part, take it in and take a coffee break. We ease people out of their comfort zones by tailoring their session, by drawing them away from their immediate perspective and by encouraging them to take selfishly from the session.

We approach facilitation diligently, to deliver an engaging and memorable, useful experience.

Using our imagination to work yours

See examples of our facilitation:

  • Board facilitation
  • Whole company development

"I really enjoyed your (change management communications team) kick off session; I thought you were a brilliant facilitator. You were very subtle in your guidance, but your message came across loud and clear - a real skill." Caroline Bedford, ATLAS Training Manager, Markel International

"Capable of analysing your organisation to help you to deliver the best from your staff..applies the latest management theory and techniques but without the jargon, developing effective solutions whether your objective is self-development, improving team dynamics or enhancing leadership skills. If you want to improve your business performance...the ideal candidate." Carol Bell, Project Manager, Robinson Low Francis

"A hugely enthusiastic and professional trainer who agreed to facilitate our Midlands Brain Friendly Learning Group for peers in Learning and Development. It showed just how much is puts into the learning environment in terms of colour, variety, planning, use of space and atmosphere. The results were a very engaged group and people got lots of ideas about the topic as well as ideas about how to deliver training.

There was lots of motivation for people before the session and they had great opportunities to consider the material in advance and tools to encourage them to get the right personal results. The design of the session was innovative and flexible. As a participant I felt able to contribute and to learn – and I’d thoroughly enjoyed myself." Stella Collins,  Brain Friendly Learning Group and Brain in Business.

"Whether facilitating away days, coaching or training, engages our teams with an understanding of our organisation and our peoples’ many roles. The expertise in people skills, organisational effectiveness and managing change are coupled with persistent enthusiasm.

We repeatedly use Wildfire services because people ask for this skill in communicating key messages in an interactive way. The style energises people and makes a real connection with the people and the business.  Highly recommended to anyone serious about developing people to make a difference to their business - excellent facilitation skills." Gladys Mhone, Senior HR Manager, Barnet Homes