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Credibility – do you have it?

How do we know we’re credible? What are the benefits and how do we make sure we’re perceived as credible, day-to-day?

4 ways to make feedback more useful

When we don’t get useful feedback, how can we avoid confidence-crushing comments and handle what we receive?

Unplugged – putting the phone down

Glued to our smartphones, somewhat addicted – what are the benefits of unplugging and what do we need to do to get them?

Speculation – futile, fun or dangerous?

When speculation gets out of hand there are many ways in which it isn’t helpful – so how we might try to improve matters?

Putting yourself first – selfish or productive?

When we prioritise others’ tasks and priorities ahead of our own, is it more productive or deceptive?

Making more of being ‘On Time’

How about twisting being ‘on time’, making it more than manners and turning it into a tool with multiple benefits?

The truth about procrastination

Do you know that feeling when you’ve not stopped – yet you’re still missing any sense of achievement? How can we wrestle distractions?

At times are you wrong to be right?

Do we make enough allowances or cause people such concern to lose focus and affect performance?

Tackling tough conversations

How many of us shy away from tough conversations? But what if we learned to handle them and suffer less from it hanging over us?

The Importance of Being Negative

Do you ever feel in need of a good whinge? Well, perhaps there’s a good argument for letting people let off steam up front!

Away with wasteful meetings!

At least 25% of time spent in meetings is unproductive, so how can we look at it differently to plan for better outcomes?

Like riding a bike.. Feedback as a life skill

How would you answer this? ‘Feedback would happen all the time if…..?’ This is how we answered it for the #FeedbackCarnival

Wildfire at work = Productivity through people; not rocket science, just common sense.

I would thoroughly recommend working with Wildfire. The facilitation is dynamic and puts into practice the development areas discussed prior to the sessions. The learning techniques are active, varied and punchy, ensuring a tempo which encourages optimal absorption of the material.

The use of colourful and sensory materials during the sessions also ensures learning is memorable as well as enjoyable. Altogether Wildfire provided a very comprehensive and thorough coverage of the areas of development but delivered in a memorable and lasting way, enjoyed by all!

Shima Gallagher, Strategic Finance Business Partner, AstraZeneca