Be heard, have space to reflect and explore and start instigating action.


When a senior technical staff member was competent but lacked confidence to be assertive with clients:

This person needed to be heard, to explore ambitions and inhibitions and to look at options available.

Exploring the personal and professional ‘stories’ we tell ourselves, and the specific stumbling blocks, helped her to look outwards.

After 3 coaching sessions and many deep breaths, within months her career had jumped two levels.

When a successful software salesperson needed to present a new product at a conference it highlighted his urgent need to overcome a paralysing fear of public speaking:

He needed to identify the triggers and background to the fear, unravel the meaning given to the fear and develop strategies to handle it.

This was not to just cope with speaking in public, but to use his talents and expertise to successfully engage a large audience enthusiastically and with confidence.

After two half day sessions, he did so, 5 days later!

When a software sales company had post-restructuring fallout, one manager was negative, unfocused and railing against ‘the system’:

This manager needed to focus on targets and driving the team’s sales. 

Despite an initial suspicion of the coaching, after 4 sessions the manager better adapted to changes, growing in confidence.

He focused on the day-to-day priorities and enthused gratitude towards the company for recognising his value and investing in his development.

When an international building trade supplier lacked any culture of coaching, with a directive, abrupt approach causing some hostility and lack of staff development:

Their 3 tiers of management needed to develop coaching as a skill.

A bespoke programme was designed for each tier, with a consistent thread throughout, working within work shift patterns and commercial business routines.

Over 4 months, all managers and supervisors had acquired the understanding and some ability to support their teams by adopting a coaching approach.

Managers rapidly reported back team cohesion and unexpected developments with existing and fresh team members.