Building enthusiastic, capable teams


Think, take part and sit back in a tailored-to-you session, drawing people out of comfort zones to un-pick tangles and see fresh choices. Our post-event feedback shows how even the most reluctant get on board!

client examples:

When the housing management arm of a local authority needed to reassess priorities ahead of a stringent external audit:

Their (volunteer) board of 8 needed to unite with a heightened focus, by developing their leadership and united front during an away day.

They adopted coaching techniques and gained a greater understanding of team dynamics.

They bonded more than usual, explored their strategic priorities and set clear ongoing actions, individually and as a united team.

When an international airport company was implementing their new company-wide financial reporting system:

Their 11 Finance managers needed to generate ideas for leading changes, both within their teams and with internal customers.

After 2 days of idea-generating and learning, they better understood how to identify and use the psychology around resistance to change.

They could then implement more comprehensive internal communication required to support the system change.

When two organisations needed to work together but were coming from different, sometimes obstructive, visions and cultures:

Their 25 staff needed a uniting programme that would aid mutual understanding, boost learning and confidence.

They spent workshop time acknowledging skills and skill gaps, comparing strategic intentions, exploring needed actions, behaviours and accountability and examining resourcing and language patterns.

They fed back that ‘It brought energy to the conversation and was facilitated in a very lively and engaging way that made the whole room feel comfortable!’

When a college needed management training, but on a tight budget and nothing seemed available for their sector:

Their diverse middle management team needed a bespoke programme. They were consulted on the design at every stage, regarding the learning approach and subject matter.

A 5-Pillar programme to up-skill them in the limited time and budget, supporting them externally but being managed internally, had follow-through activities to embed learning.

When a property consulting firm needed to unite small teams across Europe and for them to pick up skills quickly:

Their 17 staff needed a focused addition to their away day that was engaging and skill-building.

They  experienced activities covering rapport-building and personal effectiveness and marketing psychology.

The animated selfies, a record of their workshop, showed the integration of cultures and energies.



UK and international conference and event clients:

  • Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT)

  • Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA)

  • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

  • Association of Project Management (APM)

  • Women in Project Management (WIPM)

  • Institute of Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)

  • Women in Logistics

  • Healthcare People Management Association (HPMA)


Be heard, have space to reflect and explore and start instigating action.


When a senior technical staff member was competent but lacked confidence to be assertive with clients:

This person needed to be heard, to explore ambitions and inhibitions and to look at options available.

Exploring the personal and professional ‘stories’ we tell ourselves, and the specific stumbling blocks, helped her to look outwards.

After 3 coaching sessions and many deep breaths, within months her career had jumped two levels.

When a successful software salesperson needed to present a new product at a conference it highlighted his urgent need to overcome a paralysing fear of public speaking:

He needed to identify the triggers and background to the fear, unravel the meaning given to the fear and develop strategies to handle it.

This was not to just cope with speaking in public, but to use his talents and expertise to successfully engage a large audience enthusiastically and with confidence.

After two half day sessions, he did so, 5 days later!

When a software sales company had post-restructuring fallout, one manager was negative, unfocused and railing against ‘the system’:

This manager needed to focus on targets and driving the team’s sales. 

Despite an initial suspicion of the coaching, after 4 sessions the manager better adapted to changes, growing in confidence.

He focused on the day-to-day priorities and enthused gratitude towards the company for recognising his value and investing in his development.

When an international building trade supplier lacked any culture of coaching, with a directive, abrupt approach causing some hostility and lack of staff development:

Their 3 tiers of management needed to develop coaching as a skill.

A bespoke programme was designed for each tier, with a consistent thread throughout, working within work shift patterns and commercial business routines.

Over 4 months, all managers and supervisors had acquired the understanding and some ability to support their teams by adopting a coaching approach.

Managers rapidly reported back team cohesion and unexpected developments with existing and fresh team members.