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Case Studies

Case Studies

Picture a workshop that simply works..
For 12 years we've helped thousands of people develop skills and solve problems through conferences, training, away-days, workshops and one-to-one programmes

For You And Your Organisation

For You And Your Organisation

See if you recognise these sticky situations that we're turning around for managers and team members

Our blog - Wildfire

Our blog - Wildfire "Sparks"

Use and share our tools and snappy hints for getting unstuck and developing new skills

From the Blog

Are some of us in danger of accidentally damaging our reputations? How much should we share?

We don’t expect work to be a laugh a minute but we might learn from how comics plan for laughs

Beyond the job description – easy to get wrapped up in the role, what’s the job for the person underneath?

Sometimes, is it more important to get it wrong than right?

Time to change our approach to meetings? What do we need to do to cut down and avoid wasteful meetings?

Why Wildfire?

The Wildfire name reflects our ethos. Wildfire spreads at speed, breaking down the old and making fertile ground for new growth. It’s also a threatening change. A worthwhile change sometimes requires a bold move and fresh ideas but without throwing out what's healthy.

There’s no fluff: Our mix of enthusiasm, expertise and experience efficiently helps skills to spread like Wildfire in your workplace.

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