People and Productivity

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Case Studies

Case Studies

Picture a workshop that simply works..
For 12 years we've helped thousands of people develop skills and solve problems through conferences, training, away-days, workshops and one-to-one programmes

For You And Your Organisation

For You And Your Organisation

See if you recognise these sticky situations that we're turning around for managers and team members

With Compliments

With Compliments

Tools and hints for helping to get unstuck and develop new skills - to use and share

Wildfire stands for “Productivity through people;

Not rocket science, just common sense!

How does Wildfire work?

It’s hard to know how to get the best from teams, ourselves or a training budget. And our clients don’t want bog standard bums on seats.

Wildfire programmes are stimulating, relevant and straightforward so that those specific participants can do their jobs better with fresh skills and solutions!

Plus our add-ons and customer service are hard to match! Hence our 100% money-back guarantee.

Why choose us?

We know that no two people, teams or companies are alike. For more than 12 years we’ve taken time to understand each organisation to help to solve clients’ people and productivity problems. See Wildfire Client List 2014

Because workers are worth it: Companies get more done with less, whilst reaping a range of other benefits.

Team building to talent management, motivation to minute-taking, negotiation to networking and rapport-building to report writing – Wildfire boosts your business through your people! Here’s how

Why Wildfire?

The Wildfire name reflects our ethos. Wildfire spreads at speed, breaking down the old and making fertile ground for new growth. It’s also a threatening change. A worthwhile change sometimes requires a bold move and fresh ideas but without throwing out what's healthy.

There’s no fluff: Our mix of enthusiasm, expertise and experience efficiently helps skills to spread like Wildfire in your workplace.

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